Ode to my Droid phone


Dear little Android Phone,

Looking like a purple robot from out of space,

Sending me signals and blurbs,

Catching my life forever,

Thank you for being with me,

Letting me listen to music when I need it.


Your wide screen makes me feel important,

Oh you are the envy of the universe,

Smile at the cameras,

Don’t worry your shield will protect you,

It’s invisible,

Just like you.


I spend my hours bonding with my friends,

using your screen as the strings,

You are the Queen of communication,

And always makes me feel vivacious.


Dear little purple phone,

With your android quality,

I do hope you know

that I love you so,

thousands of years won’t be enough

for you to know how grateful I am.


Let me dress you up,

Want to be a bunny

Or a video game tonight?


Here’s my ode to you,

I hope you appreciate it,

I’ll bow down to you,

A thousand times

I’ll say ‘I do’

I saw the daily prompt which was about cellphones and was titled “Call me, Maybe” and I thought right away about an Ode to my cellphone since it’s how I get to show my arts to my friends, let my mother know I am safe and do so many things that other people might not appreciate.

Image(Neither images belongs to me)

ωIn Eternityω



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