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We met a warm August Night,

The fireflies were out,

I had on that long, midnight dress,

The one made out of the night sky.


I remember what you had on, 

The silkiest of clothes,

made out of the moon.


Together we were the Night,

Warm and inviting,

I remember when I met you,

The day I asked for something enchanting.


We danced past the milky way,

Ran past Pluto,

Laugh together in Jupiter

While watching the lights in Saturn.

We went to the beach in Mars,

Then drank water in Earth,

I remembered how we met,

The night I prayed to Venus.


Your enchanting smile,

Voice as deep as the ocean,

I could drown in your golden eyes,

The type that reminds you of a sun.

It was like being in Alice in Wonderland,

The newest adventure is holding you close,

laughing about nothing at all,

Finding the secret of love.


I remember when we first met

Just how I remembered when it ended,

The coldness had settle in,

December came

Washing away this so call

Love of all eternity.


I was looking around my blog when this poem came to mind and I just had to write it.

Hope you all enjoyed it!


In Eternity




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