It started with a whisper

Image(Image not mine)

It all started with a whisper,

A phone call

“Who are you?” I asked softly


The type where you can hear yourself breathing.


I should have known at that time,

After all it started with a whisper,

the type you see in horror movies,

The type that tells you that something is wrong.


He was my first stalker,

Calling me everyday,

Sending me letters,

Love notes.


“I want you, I need you, I named my pet after you”

Everyday I heard this,

I wonder what made this happen,

Was I too polite?

Not Polite enough?


It all started with a damn whisper,

My first stalker sure was persistent,

He was dedicated,

I’d give him that,

I don’t think I remember

how he looks like.


After months of sleepless night,

I paid my friend,

We walked together to my stalker,

The strange man

“Why are you stalking me?” I asked.


“Don’t you know? Times are hard,

You are my hope,

My God,

Something to look forward too” He had replied.


After that,

he gave me his life story,

Unemployment it was,

He needed a new job,

Want to know what it was?


Yeah I know.


“I made a website too! Stalkers.Oh!”

I am serious,

he told me that,

I was left in shock but then..

Well it made me laugh.


So this is my story,

About my personal stalker,

An unemployed stranger

Who now works as a professional…

Yeah you got it,



Now he owns this group of stalkers,

They follow me everywhere,

but not just me,



and even Objects too!


So if you are in need of a stalker,

Remember to go to


But I warn you,

This joke gets old.


So I used the random word generator and it gave me 2 random words, Stalkers and Unemployed, which was how I made this. I hope I didn’t offend anyone with this and that it was fun to read! 

In Eternity



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