The adventure of being a coupon


If I was a coupon,

I’d make sure to be an art coupon,

The one where you can visit an inspiring gallery,

Or maybe the type that would make a kid smile.


I’d be a happy coupon,

With colors like Purple,




 Colors that shined.


If I were a coupon,

Well I would be a special one,

Those that people feel special about,

Then I’d go to the show Extreme Couponing,

Show the world how amazing I am.


Maybe I would be the musical type,

Singing everywhere,

Being the ticket for others to sing,

I’d make my owner feel vivacious,

Dance around in happiness.


Well, If I were a coupon,

I’d dress up everyday,

Advertise myself,

Maybe even visit the space.


It’s not easy being a coupon,

I could break easily,

Fly away,


Or be thrown away.


No matter what,

I’d make it the best day possible,

Learn from it

and make other coupon friends.


I’d travel the world,








Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to be a coupon?!

Just imagine the different adventures,

The stories to be told,

They’ll be one of a kind.


If I were a coupon,

Oh what I would give for it,

I know it’s just a dream,

But if only…

This came from a daily prompt idea I submitted where you would have to write a story, poem or do a picture from a random word you got, the random word that I got was coupon and thus this came to be.


The website I used for this was  and this turned out to be fun. Give it a try and let me see what you come up with!


«In Eternity»






2 thoughts on “The adventure of being a coupon

  1. Very creative route to take with your coupon writing! Enjoyed it!

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