It’s Snowing!


I took a picture…and the flash appeared with the snow but surprisingly I still love it.

It’s Snowing,

The streets are a wonderful,


Blanket of white.


Cars slide down,

The world is quiet,

Oh it’s Snowing,

It’s oh so charming.


Any day,



Year that it snows,

That it comes to me,

I will be happy,

Let it wrap around me.


My world is white,

The sky is dark,

Thousands of wishes

Fly by,

All dots of white.


Children will play,

No school for them,

Parents will go out,

Let’s all Snowball fight,

It’s Snowing,

Everything is perfect.

So, I know a few of you have never seen Snow and I thought it would be cool to actually share a few pictures with all of you of the Snow Storm we are getting today, of course it also ended up turning into a poem. Alas, Here are the pictures taken a few minutes ago:

Frozen plant

Even one of my poor plant got affected by the storm, it’s all covered in snow!


That’s the Snow actually falling, mix in with the dangerous wind

Tenebrous Winter

I really like this one, The tree looks so Tenebrous, The light bring a certain feeling to it and the Snow is falling!

ΣIn EternityΣ



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