So, this is how my name is written in Chinese/ Taiwanese, I find it rather beautiful


I have this dear friend, call Josh, we met in a boarding school I went to during the summer.He makes me laugh and cheers me up when I feel rather blue. For some reason, he’s actually the only one I can talk to for hours, if you saw us you would think we were a couple, if you heard us you would truly think that we are a couple. When it times to say goodbye it takes us at least 5 minute for the other to hang up. 


It’s so easy being myself with him and he takes a 2 hour trip with his father or mother just to come see me which I find super sweet, none of my friends have ever done that. We were at NY comic con and he got me a Hobbits Poster which I still have, we go and eat and I don’t have to worry about how I should eat, since most of the time we are goofing off together anyways.

Cute Monkey

We got to learn about this cute monkey but we couldn’t touch her.

His father is a professor and he’s pretty cool, he’s into music and treats me as an adult, an equal just the way he treats his son. It’s a bit strange for me to call him by his name without the Mr or Sir at the end. I told Josh that I would take his family and he could have mine since his parents are so cool as well (So is my mom)


He has a cat name Tofu(I know…who could name a cat like that?) Whose really cute and evil, I usually hear Tofu doing something to Josh when we talk on the phone. Josh is the type of friend I’ve been looking for years and finally found, we have currently 7 month knowing each other but it feels like we’ve known each other forever. 


I met his mother and she told me that his father and him talk a lot about me, she also told me to call her mom, so now I call her mom, she’s really cool and funny. I know now why Josh turned out to be such an amazing kid, and a gentleman as well. We went to a travel convention, all 3 of us, and there we watched live Japanese, Taiwanese drama, He and I rock climbing (Me freaking out through it all since I am scare of heights, and him laughing and encouraging me to keep going).

Japanese Drummer

This was the drummer introduction, I wish I could post the video so that you could see the Japanese drumming, it was beautiful.

We also saw real penguins! They were so cute and we saw a few other animals, like a monkey of sort that I keep forgetting what is call. There was a free soda machine and I spend the whole trip trying to get Josh to drink Soda, because he doesn’t drink it~ I got hyper from drinking so much soda so I ended up jumping on his back and running around, then we began to go through a bunch of wheels of fortune that a lot of the travel agency had. I wanted a cool pink with white polka dots bag and he won it for me! I gave him a pencil or something like that, in return. Then he won me some hand sanitizer and I got him a yo-yo.

I showed his mother and him the Dominican travel agency and they got to learn a bit of my culture, Oh! I got my name written in Chinese as well, and considering how unique my name is, I am surprise that it was able to be translated into another language. After running around we finally left and got dinner, we both ate a huge Hamburger but I didn’t eat the leaves, he didn’t eat the bacon, we both ate the french fries while I learned more about his mother. 

Cute animal

I forgot what the cute little guy is, but we got to learn about it and teased each other about who she looked like.

It was fun learning about his parents, he had told me horror stories about his mother so I had been terrified but she’s actually pretty funny and short like me! I had such a wonderful adventure with him and it’s nice to see what real friendship looks like. It’s all thanks to Josh and his wonderful family.

Here are some pictures of our day together:


So, with my leaves, his bacon and the pickles plus my knife we created a fighting Squidward! My turnip flower also appeared~

Taiwanese god

This was the first thing we saw, The Taiwanese Budha and we got to take pictures with it!


The right one is the boy, the left one is the girl who was more shy, we had a lot of fun seeing them though I did feel sad that they weren’t in their home.

I am sorry this was so long but I do hope you all enjoyed it!

√In Eternity√



One thought on “Josh

  1. Joshua says:

    I had an awesome time with ya, too!
    *brofist* WHOOOOOOOAAAH

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