Plants and OCD

I’ve been dealing with OCD (Overly Compulsive Disorder) Since a young age, I remember back in 6th grade we read this story and there were 3 brothers I believe, they meant different things, One love changes, another didn’t mind either way and the 3rd one hated changes, we had a test done and I got that I hated changes to which I replied “Of course, changes are icky, they mess up your whole scheduled and are horrible!” 

I dislike a lot of things such as:

1) People chewing gum, especially the gums that have strong smell and those that chew with their mouth open. I do not chew gum at all. If I see gum in anything I can’t go there, I can’t sit there, I need to spit because I feel like it’s trying to choke me and I feel like it has a bunch of germs that will attack me

2) Holding on to bars and such, especially in trains and buses since I feel like I am gonna get sick and thus I always carry my Hand Sanitizer with me. 

3) When things change, especially the path I take to go places, they have to be specific and the same exact route I took, such as when I go to school I walk half way and I always go to school on the right side of the road then to go home I take the left side of the road, when that changes I feel something bad will happen and that everything is ruin, seriously I’ve had a few break downs because of it.

4) When I don’t catch the number 9, 11 and 2 especially 9:11 am and Pm, I feel that if I see it(Which I always do) Then I will have good luck.


To finally get to the point of this blog, I finally found something that help me a bit other then writing, reading and art which is Plants. All of the plants I have were given to me by my boss, I work at a school library which I use to go to and I help put books in the system, fix broken books and such. It’s hard for me to deal with people since I like my silence and for the most part I am a pretty quiet person, except when around my friends but at least once a week I will have a day where I will be completely quiet and they know not to even get near me, I also can’t stand it when people just come and touch me, it just get’s on my nerve for some reason.

Sorry for getting off topic, as I was saying, about the plants, I have a few of them and it’s so beautiful to care for them and see that they do notice because plants are alive, if you feed them, talk to them and give them all your love they blossom and grow, if you ignore them or just feed them then they grow sad and eventually they can die. Well here are my babies:



Some of my plants

I am sorry for the flash, I took it using my cellphone a few minutes ago. I named them as well, they are Happy which is the bamboo one, the closes one in the bottle with the blue tag is call Avis, the other one in the bottle is Joy and the one in the back is Aphrodite, the bit of leaves you see coming from the other side belongs to Lucky and the plant you see close to the fat man doll in the back is Violet.

In Eternity


©All copyright of the image and content belongs to Yerenny CA February,8, 2013 (Me)


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