To the lovely Miki


Made by my friend, Miki,I am so jealous! I can’t draw like that-_-

I have a friend name Miki, though she’s more like a sister to me. She has help me grow as a writer and artist, has taught me so much without asking for anything in return. Miki is the type of friend I don’t have to worry about betraying me, she’s always blunt(even if some may hurt me) and makes me realize my mistakes.


All right reserved to Miki, also the image in my background.


Anyways, She’s a writer like me and we usually write stories together and she’s also an artist(I personally think she’s so much better then me). She’s the type of friend that makes me laugh and spill milk through my nose, even if it is gross. When I needed to scream and cry, she was right there listening to me and giving me some tough loves…or sweet. 

The bond that we have, is stronger then anything, I love her like my own sister and admire her for who she is. I personally feel that she has talent and thus for as long as she let’s me I’ll be posting her work. The background picture I have which is purple with the girl and the liquid getting out of her mouth was made by her. Please, if you have the time, go and check out her arts.


This is one of the drawings made by her, all copyright is reserved to her as well.

And just to show another style:

Miss Death

This is another made by her, it was a gif but for some reason the animation doesn’t work~

I encourage you to check out her tumblr! She has a lot of different style and I love her dearly.’art’/  that is her tumblr account.


~In Eternity+



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