You are beautiful


First love in a sunset: Image not mine


“You are beautiful”

Those were the words from your lips

“You are a liar”

Was the response you got from me.


You held my hands,

taught me about the stars,

listened to my problems,

made me start to know who I am.


Those years with you,

They will always be priceless,

I found what light was,

What laughter sounded like.


The way you smiled,

Your warm, chocolate eyes,

Those curls that looked like angels,

Your hand intertwined in mine.


The days spend talking about everything,

About nothing,

The joy we felt together,

I was your shadow,

You were mine.


It was love so flawless,

So perfect,

We should have known our time was coming.


Sunsets was like paradise,

Your warm voice my blanket,

I wanted to be held by you, always,

Forget the world,

The darkness.


This love was so beautiful,

We should have known,

Time came,

Now this love is gone.


When we speak,

I always wonder,

‘Do you still love me?’

But the fear keeps a strong hold on me.


“You are beautiful”

It’s my turn to tell you this

“My first love”

I use to think you were

my one and only.


I think I found someone else now,

Maybe I am moving on,

But no matter what

you’ll always be

my first love.


“You are beautiful”

Those words brought us together

“You are beautiful too”

Thank you for setting me free.


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