Everlasting fountain bed


image belongs to my friend miki

Frustration, I didn’t catch your name
Or at least, the part that would bond us again,
That would remind us that second we shared.

The scent of coffee will now forever be imprinted in my mind,
Along with the ringing of bells.

Golden eyes reminding me of the Caribbean sun,
Never believed in love at first sight,
Until I saw you.

It was like a drumming of the drum
My heart beats for you.

Lullabies spilled from your lips in form of “Fountain”
Well you can call me “Everlasting bed”
Sayonara my Fountain of everlasting bed.

book nerd miki

belongs to my friend miki

Deep sighs, didn’t get your name…
Or at least parts of you that last longer then

the deep breath taken when I looked at you.
Puffy black hair that I could trace back to

your African ancestors

by the sound of your heart beat.

My steps slowed down

and I almost caught your eyes

but they eluded me.

As the doors close

I entered into a place I barely knew yet,

ready as ever I ordered my coffee

wishing that you would say hi.

Sounds of an already played out song

battled for a place in my mind,

but you had already won.

escaped has my heart unto the table that sat near us.
Cannot breathe so I take bait and tell you my name “fountain”
and you said “everlasting bed”
so I slept,

until tomorrow, my everlasting fountain bed.

So, I decided to do a collaboration with my friend, Miguel. The setting was suppose to be a coffee shop and this guy was suppose to enter, look at this African girl and say the word “Fountain” To which she of course replied “Everlasting bed” It was a meeting one time type of thing, now they are both left wondering about the other. I wrote the female part which is in purple and he wrote the male part which is in blue. Our style is a bit different which is why it was so interesting to do. I hope you all liked it!

 ¹In Eternity¹




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