Remember those summer nights,

Back when we use to look up at the sky,

Wish upon a star

For this love to last.


So many nights we met secretly,

Whispering about our plans in this wide world

The one where it was just you and me

But now this passion burn out.

Why don’t I miss you?

Why don’t I miss your smile?

The way you held me

and those cold September nights.


It’s like you are on the other side of the moon,

I just can’t reach you,

our worlds are too differently now,

we are strangers.

Remember when we use to run around,

voted high school sweethearts,

The most likely to last,

Guess we proved them wrong.

Did I mess it up

Or did we just got bored of this…?

Of the so call fame,

The arguments,

Mix messages.


Why don’t I miss you?

The way you say my name,

Your scent,

My hand holding yours.

We didn’t end up growing old together,

Didn’t make it to 5 years,

It wasn’t all a lie,

Simply distance coming between us,

We both grew up.

Did you become successful?

Always was the number one,

Wanting to help the world,

No matter if you didn’t have time.

Our fire burned out,

the so call light of love,

faded rather quickly,

When it all ended,

When it was all said and done,

What was left was injuries.

first love

….Why do I miss you?

Your smile,


your soft, hazel eyes.


I’ll keep lying to myself,

Say I don’t miss you at all,

We are both better off this way,

let’s not talk anymore about it.

This was a poem I had left unfinished, today when I look it over I was finally able to complete it, rather pleased with myself as well.

÷In Eternity−


Missing you


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