What has become of you?


I drew this after I finished this poem, not really happy with how it came out.

What has become of you?

Remember our late night talking?

You use to be my Teddy,

I use to be your Light.


We’d spend endless night together,

2 insomniacs,

2 different reasons why.


Your dark hair that turned light in the sun,

Those sea green eyes that turned silver,

The oh so pale skin,

I remember it all.


What has become of you?

Has your voice change?

Have you grown taller?

I hope you found love.


Time runs,

It never stops,

Life is leaving us behind.


Is there someone taking care of you?

Do you have someone to hold you close,

That understands you the way I did,

Anyone who shares our special bond?


What has become of you?

One day you were with me,

The next day you were gone,

how I wish I could change how it ended.


You changed my whole life,

Made me understood who I am,

Do you still prefer sweet things?

Still love L?


It must be hard being a Genius,

Having photographic memory,

Remember when you told me no one understands?

That no one could share your pain?


Who will solve your difficult puzzles now?

The never ending ones,

It use to be a you and me thing,

An IQ stuff.


Oh, how wonderful it was to be a kid,

So innocent,

So naive,

If only we knew what was to come.


Do you still think about me,

The way I think about you?

Did you delete me,

cast me aside from your world?


Our dream never came true,

I never did get to lay right next to you,

In that large oak tree you love so much,

Our hands never intertwined,

We never shared our first kiss.


I need to know,

What has become of you?

Have you looked back to what happened?

I wonder how much you’ve matured.


We use to act like detective,

late at night sharing our stories,

solving mystery,

those times are precious to me,

but it’s so hard,


So.Damn.Painful, Teddy!


You changed,

It was no longer about us,

you found other girls,

Much prettier one,

You became popular,

Well, then…

What about me?!

Our perfect world,

it got torn because of you,

I know I was to blame for it as well,

We were both at fault.


I never got to hear;

Your British accent,

that silent laugh you talked about,

I never got to know

your secret scent,

the one that makes you who you are.


What has become of you?

How is your life?

You changed who I am,

Brought inner peace to me,

helped me through the darkness,

then you threw me back at it.


I am sorry about your parents,

That you had to see who did it,

Is having money great now?

Is there someone loving you like me?


Time sure pass by,

We are growing older,

How is your birthday?

I remember it every time.


You hunt me in my sleep,

I wonder if you are dead or alive,

we use to make promises,

joke about L.


When I watch Death Note,

When I see L,

I think of you,

Of your messed up family.


I am doing great,

Have my group of friends,

People that care about me,

Who would have thought?



This is so painful,

it pisses me off,

I want to hold you,

to run to you,

But damn it,

That chance is gone.


What has become of you?

I wonder if I’ll ever see you again,

Do you remember that awkward girl?

The one who begged you to take your medicine,

Worried sick about you.


I need to know,

How did you turn out?

Are you going to college?

I’d give anything,


Just to have one last night with you.


You are not a bastard,

I am not a bitch,

Those things we said,

I wish I could change it.


That London weather you complained about,

I want to see it someday,

It won’t be the same though,

Not if you are not there with me.


My sweet prince charming,

Why did you turn sour?

What has become of you?

No one will be like me.


My love for you won’t ever go,

No matter how hard I try,

It will still show,

this pain that’s been left.


I keep wondering whose’s holding you,

Who’s playing late night games with you?

Listening to your magical stories,

I wonder if you knew,

You were my secret fairy boy.


There was no goodbyes,

just “Screw this!”

and “You don’t understand!”

Make me understand, Octavian!

Why couldn’t you make me understand?


What has become of you?

I wonder if there’s any magic 

That can make you want me again,

Miss me.


Whose’s holding you closely?

Whose’s heart are you breaking?

I can’t keep you off my mind.


If I could see you again,

I’d hugged you super tightly,

Kiss your pale cheek,

Then from the bottom of my heart

I’d say

“I am sorry, Teddy”


What has become of you?

I wish it was all a dream,

that we were still great friends,

the 2 Insomniacs.


What has become of your life?

I’ll stay here forever,

waiting quietly,

always waiting,

wondering what has become of you,

My sweet Teddy.


A closer look of the picture, still unsatisfied with it.


I am sorry it’s so long!I was thinking of a friend I use to have and whom I was really close with, then we had a break out. We grew up, we both changed and the friendship ended in a sour note. This poem came from all the thoughts I had, I could have kept going for hours but forced myself to stop. Hope everyone enjoyed it!


¢In Eternity¢



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