Amaranthis Paradisus…meaning behind it


image not mine

Amaranthis Paradisus means Eternal Paradise/ Endless Paradise, I wanted a blog that was eternal and everyone could relate to. I also wanted my name to be unique, yet something people would remember and showed a bit about me. I love the Latin language, Paradisus is Paradise in Latin. The quote “Where creativity meets eternity” was by me, it’s suppose to mean an eternal place of different things, including subject, which is what I hope this blog shows. 


Amaranthis Paradisus is where creative people from all over the world, no matter their background or religion, can get together and for at least a second, enjoy what’s going on and unite.

The daily prompt this time was about our blog and to explain where the title of it came from, I hope this was able to explain it and that you all enjoyed it.


♦In Eternity♦



2 thoughts on “Amaranthis Paradisus…meaning behind it

  1. Josh says:

    …was actually REALLY STUMPED about the blog name until this.

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