My best friend, is this big bundle of light, yet she’s always really calm and collected. When she laughs all you hear is “Hehe” oh so softly, and her cheeks turned this bright red, like 2 apples. I always joke with her about it. When she’s nervous, she always holds a pen and starts shaking it “Tick…Tick…Tick” It drives me nuts but at least it lets me know that’s she’s alright. Neither of us are huggers, so when it’s time to hug, on those rare case, our arms extend and it’s like a bear trying to hug a duck, awkward. It always looks like she’s far away, in her own little world. Her eyes look so distant and she looks so serious, when I talk it goes like this.


“-should totally get that….Isabel?…..Isabel?….Izzy!”

“……………….Huh?………..hehe” then she rubs the back of her head and her eyebrows arches just slightly, but it always brings a smile to my face.


She’s tall, well enough to be a model if she felt like it, but she always wear baggy clothes and keeps her hair down, on a low pony tail. The first time I saw her with it straight, instead of angel type curly, I was so shocked I did a double take. She went from the girl always slouching, to someone that could pass for a college student or my older sister.


I love watching her draw, that’s always the best, her fingers twitch, her brows furrows just slight and then, after a silent second, all you see is the pencil moving, her hand conducting a masterpiece only she can see. When she’s complimented, her eyes lit up and gently, oh so carefully, a smile appears on her face, making her whole face turn a bright red that makes me want to hold her close and beg her to always stay innocent. 


When people try to talk to her, she always go “hehe” then looks down, looks up and seem to drift away, the numbers of “Huh? What? I am sorry…hehe” that I’ve counted is unlimited with her, but it just brings out this inner child she has. Even when she’s sad, she never shows it, instead she just goes quiet and spends it drawing. I love Isabel like a sister, when we went to Comic con she surprised me with this figure that costed 9$ although it was rather tiny.


“But why did you buy it?” I asked her when I saw my mini figure of Ryoma from Prince of Tennis.


She gave me a half hug, her cheeks turning pink and said, rather softly, because she never raises her voice “Because I know you like it. The details are great, right?” It’s one of those quiet beauty that one rarely sees.


So, a bit more about her. Isabel loves collecting figures, most have to do with Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. She loves Edward and Alphonse Elric from that show and she’s always getting figures with perfect details, it means that every single wrinkle has to be in place, and every single line has to be drawn just so or else, she does not like it. She also loves Pokemon and is always talking about the figures she get’s on Ebay, those also have to be perfect because she’s a perfectionist when it comes down to details, I guess that’s why she’s such an amazing artist.


I remember when we first met Veronica Taylor, the voice actress who does Ash from Pokemon, while my brother froze and I was blushing, she began to stutter and her whole face turned red, as did her cheek and neck. I remember teasing her about it and she said “Shut up…you are blushing as well, hehe” 

Sometimes her laugh pisses me off, I am always jumping on her and poking her, trying to see how she looks like when she’s angry, but I have yet to see her be anything but calm and quiet. When we hold hands, her hands are always warm, yet mine are always cold, I’d like to say that we compliment each other.


Her fingers are long and slender, her thumb long and skinny, I call it the anorexic thumb which always makes her laugh. When we hear Japanese music, her voices always comes out gently as she sings, because she always has to sing to the songs, and it’s like I am in some type of paradise.

The love I have for her, It’s like a sister but there’s more. I found another female that can understand me, another human that get’s where I come from and doesn’t judge me, instead her cheeks turns red, a slow smile appears on her face, and even if it’s awkward, she’ll hug me and quietly say “Thank you”

There’s this scent to her, it’s soft and almost like earth, her skin is always nice and warm, yet super soft. I love running my hand through her bare shoulder or poke her cheek, just to see it turn red.


When she jumps, she can pass for a ballerina, even if it’s playing sport. She has this elegance yet awkwardness to her, that she doesn’t realize, yet I love. Isabel to me is one of a kind. She rarely wears coat and is always super polite to everyone, I have never seen her wear boots or sandals, instead it’s always sneakers. Although she’s left handed, she can play sports with both, and when she’s about to throw the ball into the hoop, she goes down slowly on her knees, her eyebrows furrow together and then, as if it weights nothing, as if she’s pushing with all her heart, saying “It’s alright to go, sweetie”  She lets go of the ball…and rarely misses it.


She doesn’t use words like “Dudes, totally” or “OMG” and she can do the Stitch voice from Lilo and Stitch! When she does it, her eyes lit up and she seems to stand taller, as if saying “Look at me”


Isabel is one of the people I’d do anything for, she’s a rare gem that not many get to find, but those that find it are so lucky and will never regret it. She’s the best friend and sister I could ever ask for, everyday I thank whatever higher up power there is out there in the universe for sending me her, my Izzy.


image not mine

So this was for the DP challenge which had to do with a character from our life, and thus I chose Isabel, who I consider to be my best friend, the type of person I could write about for hours and the person whom I am grateful for always being patient with me, because I know I can be very hard to deal with. I am sorry its so long and I hope you all enjoyed it.

*In Eternity!



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  1. Josh says:

    I remember you asking me about this. Glad it turned out so nicely done!

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