I never knew just how powerful our mind is, just how beautiful the earth is….and how horrible the street smells. Today I got to smell the rain, and I love how it smells with the pavement, like the ocean. I got to smell traffic and smell just how disgusting it is.


I feel like I woke up from a long nap I’ve been on in my whole life, it’s all thanks to a friend. We were having this deep and powerful conversation about our government, money and life in itself, then we talked about technology and how it’s stopping us from being as smart as we could be. The topic went more spiritual and psychological, he was saying how our mind is asleep and how meditating, taking out that little voice inside our head that says what’s wrong and right, what judges everything, helps wakes up our mind and helps our potential increase.


image not mine

I love meditating, but I always let the voice come but, today I meditated and didn’t let the voice back. I thought positive, since he talked about if you mix your thoughts with your emotion, how it sends silent thought waves.


Ex) I want a friend of mine to call me, so I’ll keep thinking “H will call me…H will call me…H will call me” and all that positive energy gets send to the universe, something, like a feeling, gets H to say “Hey…let me call J” and then calls me.

I’ve been trying this on different things today and so far it has worked. Instead of getting angry and screaming, I took a deep breath, smiled and continued on, the people around me seem to become more polite and happy as well, because all that negative energy is weakening.

If we all thought positively, shut down the little head in our mind, it would be amazing. Don’t let fear take over, if you want to talk to a new person don’t listen to the voice when it says “Oh…maybe that person isn’t interested” instead think positively

“This person is interested, this person is interested” and you’ll see the change, If you are going on a date, don’t think “Oh, it will be like all the others, I’ll get dump” instead think “This date will be different, this date will succeed and I will have fun” think it with all your heart and it will work. We have this chemical in our mind that gets release, which brings out the feeling of happiness and helps our brain, but we are so focus with technology or the negative things, that it rarely gets to come out.

Just give it a try, the next time you want to try something knew, believe with everything that you will succeed, meditate, hush up that little voice, and great things will happen.


image not mine

This was for the daily prompt challenge, which describes my whole day, It’s like the Budhist teaching of desire vs need, also of thinking positively. I am sorry if I offended anyone, hope everyone enjoyed!

¼In Eternity¼


Power of the mind

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