Should have…but I’ll stay silent


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I know I could be more blunt with one of my friend, when he grinds my gears but I am not. 


It’s because I don’t like being mean and I feel that if I do get blunt with him it will make me sound mean and I might hurt his feelings. I see him as a really close friends and we’ve been together through a lot of stuff….but he can be a jerk sometimes or say things the way he really shouldn’t. 

When I feel like I am going to snap, I hold all of my emotions in, grow really quiet and just start writing everything I want to tell him but I know that I won’t. I could make a big book out of all the times he has pissed me off or gotten me upset but I’ve just gone quiet on him.


There’s so many things I wish I could tell him, I know I could tell him, but I simply won’t, if only to keep this friendship.

The daily prompt this time was about knowing that you could do something but didn’t and I thought right away of this situation. I hope you all enjoyed!

?In Eternity/



2 thoughts on “Should have…but I’ll stay silent

  1. You should always speak your mind, especially when it comes to friends. If they are a true friend, then they won’t mind you being blunt with them.

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