…While I am off, I’ll leave you with a sweet image of the sky and our trees~(Image belongs to me) If anyone can find the little secret hidden there, I’ll give them something^.~


There’s must be something funny in the universe because I am sick, not the coughing sick, but the throat hurting, nose is freezing, feel like gonna throw up everything, type of sick. I am sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately but sickness has pretty much made me sleepier then usual. I promise that I am going to try and do at least 3 post daily while I am sick, on Fridays I’ll be posting even longer.


Warning: from February 17-February 21st, 2013 I am going to be on a school trip and we are not allowed to bring our computers which means I might not be able to post those days, if I am able to, I’ll try to post from my cellphone! Lots of pictures will be brought as well. 


See you later, my little Avis!

[Yours in Eternityμ



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