Admire: To my secret friend


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A person I admire is a very close guy friend I have, we shall call him Billy Bob since I don’t want him to know I am writing about him, because then he will spend hours quoting word by words everything I said about him and teasing me just so that he can see me blush. 


Anyways, I admire ‘Billy Bob’ because he’s always blunt with me and I know he will never lie to me. When I am feeling blue all I have to do is listen to him play his guitar and my spirit lifts up, making me sigh happily.


I have a lot of interesting conversations with him and a lot of my inspiration comes from having a random conversation with him. ‘Billy Bob’ pisses me off sometimes but he has his own sites, especially for gaming, he has also introduced me to a lot of wonderful food from his culture, all I will say is that it’s Asian (wow it’s hard to write secretly)


It is thanks to ‘Billy Bob’ that I am alive today, when I was feeling at my lowest, thinking that I was tired of living, we had this very serious conversation and he persuaded me to seek help. I will never forget what he told me.


We’ve had our fights, don’t get me wrong, but at the end of the day, I know he was blunt with me, told him how he felt and respected whatever I said. Sometimes I feel like he’s in his own little world, but then he’ll look at me and quote what I say. 


I am a bit jealous that he can drive, even though I still can’t since I don’t have my license. He’s younger then me yet has accomplish so much, there’s a certain charm to him that makes you want to listen to the things he says and nod along.


So my secret friend, whom I have called ‘Billy Bob’ is one of my inspirations, for being so blunt, honest yet caring in his own way. I’d just wish he would stop being so busy!


It’s so hard to not use the name of the person you are writing about! This blurb was not meant as a joke, it was just the first name that popped inside my head. I hope you all enjoyed it!

(=_()In Eternity (=-()

A(+=+) P


2 thoughts on “Admire: To my secret friend

  1. It is hard not using the name of the person, but why billy Bob? O_o… I give some of the people I write about nicknames but it always has to do with like animals or something. I dunno why but I do, lol.

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