If I was an alien-part 2


Oh, if I was an alien, and my name was Goo, I’d make sure that you, an alien call Muse would live happily like me, would see the bright colors and hues, the rainbow above that seems never ending. We would be beautiful, us two and the universe could surely keep our secret.

There would be no arguments or I hate you’s, no harsh words to sadden us, for we would be invisible, could fade into the midnight purple sky and run around the rainbow filled sun. We could be anything we wanted, no one would stop us and when we grow tired, well all we’d have to do was fall, a cushion of, heavenly soft blanket could catch us.

There would be no insecurities, no lies or dishonesty, Why would there be? Everyone would trust each other, you, the alien name Muse, and I, the alien name Goo, could make perfect harmony and live our lives filled with adventures. We could fly pass the happy, water filled clouds, maybe play with star filled balls and our laughter, that beautiful laughter I’ll always remember, can fill this world, the one known as Blurb-a-lot.

If I was an alien, the things I would do, I’d be happy alien, who’s name is Goo, I’d be powerful yet fragile, we could watch the sunset everyday, talk about philosophy, for although we were peaceful and happy, we were also smart and often thought of this large universe.

Our favorite word would be “Blurshen” Which would be Blurbian for Friendship, we’d create the most stunning of canvas, laugh all day, dance all night. Goo and you, my sweet Muse, could spend eternity holding hands, living in such bliss, no war to make us disagree.

Oh what a wonderful planet it would be, the breeze would help create beautiful melodies out of your strings, My voice/Goo’s would mix in, and together it would be “Blurusica” Which is blurb for Music, the one with positive messages, not about sex or drugs, because there would be no such things as that.

If your strings ever broke, we could fix them using Fillows strings which look like the willows of the earth, but with thin little leaves that are secretly strings, to create a peaceful melody.

If I was an alien, the one call Goo, I’d made sure that your words always flowed when you wanted them too, My sweet alien, Muse. There would be no pain or ignoring, instead the air would be filled with stories and laughter  the type that sounds like bells ringing, telling us “Hush, listen”

There would be no world ending, for we care for the planet Blurb-a-lot and the Blurbians are all clean, never polluting the planet that gave them life, they would know Blurb-A-Lot is alive and respect it, not like Earth, who would be slowly dying.

If I was an alien named Goo, and you were my best friend call Muse, we could create an adventure that never end, time could pass if you want it to, let’s paint the sky different hues! Explore different life forms like the little Yudxz, a tiny alien race made from barks, water eyes and hairs made out of clouds.

The Yudxz (U-Dsss) would be the cutest of aliens, like newborn children, only being form with every child’s laughter. They would be innocent, like you and I, and wish to follow the sky.

When it rain, the colors would be floonks(A mixture of blue, green and other hues) Blurfus (Mixes of purples with hints of unknown hues) and so much more, it would be the rainbow coming down to kiss us, each falling like a sweet lullaby.

Oh, if only I could be the alien named Goo, if you could be my Muse, life would not be hard at all, I’d call it perfection and there would be no real need for sadness or anger.


(TBC: To be continue)

This is the continuation to my story “If I was an alien” which was about this planet call Blurb-A-lot where their hair would glow and a Blurbian would be friend with a Musek named Muse, who looks like a guitar. I personally find this story rather cute. I hope you all enjoyed it and do let me know if you want more of it!


Have a Blurbonful day! That’s Blurb for Wonderful

-:=In Eternity :-=



2 thoughts on “If I was an alien-part 2

  1. Josh says:

    This story is too adorable for words. XD

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