My gold in this sand



Image not mine.

The person I love the most in the world is my mother, she has always been there for me and has done so many things for us. She use to not eat so that we could, during a period we just didn’t have money. At night she worked as a waitress, rarely getting any amount of sleep.

My mother has love us in her own way, she had to send us away to our hometown at one point because she just didn’t have enough money to keep us, we each spend a year with our family in the Dominican Republic, once she had enough money again she send for us quickly.


She acts tough, but as soon as one of us are sick she holds us clothes and start whispering things to us in Spanish. She touches our hair, and I can feel her gentle and slender fingers running across my scalp while she thinks of what medicine to gives us. Love spills from her lips and passes through her fingertips.


She spends it checking on us when we are sick and even when we are not. At night, when she thinks we are sleeping, she comes in, take a quick glance to make sure we are alive and then leaves yet in the morning she’s back, so that we are awake.


Don’t get me wrong, my mother has a temper as well, but she’s a strong woman. She had to battle different form of cancer including cancer in her hormone glands (the one in your throats) Which had to be remove, so now she takes pills for life, to create hormones and that leaves her with random moods swings. She also had to have surgeries for her ovaries to get removed since she had a tumor the size of a growing fetus child.


Her method of raising us is letting us make our own mistakes and then letting us learn from it, though if we do something wrong she takes what she knows we like the most. She’s freakishly clean, to the point that it grinds my gears, since she’s always throwing away things that are important to me without asking, but in the end she’s my mother.


The person I love the most in the world, no, in the universe, Is my mother, even if sometimes I do want to scream at her.

l− In Eternity-I



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