When it comes to writing


Image not mine. Remember to take a breath of fresh air from time to time~

When I was young, I use to love reading books, and every time I read one I would get an idea and create a song, poem or story about it. My aunt would praise me and a lot of people would tell me that I was talented, so I got more serious into it and I remember spending hours in my room, trying to perfect a poem or a story to share with everyone of my mom’s friend, in school I would be one of the first done writing when it came to creative stuff and a lot of my classmates would say that I had some type of talent.


I remember I use to say “When I grow up I am gonna become an awesome writer, and then my money will go to my family, People will remember me forever”


As I’ve grown, so has my writing, my style has changed a lot and so have many of my goals and dreams, but one things remains, even if it has to be as a hobby, I am planning on writing until the day I die, and even beyond that.


I am a writer, Poet and Artist, but most importantly, I am your equal.


()In Eternity ()



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