image not mine

image not mine

Welcome to the new world, with a plot of land and the financial resources, I would create a large, greenhouse like shield, the electricity would come from the sun and new, interesting food would be created, especially fruits like ‘Sun kiss’ which looks like lips but it comes on different shades of yellow with orange, when opened, the Sun Kiss is blue and has a bitter taste.

image not mine

image not mine

Veggies like the ‘Blashus’ a round, spiky looking veggie that resembles a circle with a few lines and grows on extremely cold or warm weather, the best. When cut open it’s a purple/green color if it was grown in the cold and taste sour but a pale green with lavender in the inside, splashes of a pale pink spike as well, when it’s in extremely hot weather.

image not mine

image not mine

Animals like mixes of Wolf, Birds and Lions would appear and it would be difficult to have diseases. The top people in every field, especially science, would work there and make sure that everyone was healthy as well as happy. Also, that everyone had a job and something to do, yet that they would be happy doing it. There wouldn’t be a good or evil system, neither.


 One of the daily prompt was called: A plot of Earth, which I found interesting and thus this came to be~I hope you all enjoyed it.

Xx In Eternity xX

A 0 P

DP: A plot of Earth: The new generation


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