Shadow Man


copyright belongs to me

Running…it was all I could remember, there was a shadow after me, I ran past the inside of train 4 from New York city. My coat was slowing me down, but the shadow was trying to get me. It was like a horror movie, knowing that a killer was after you. Something told me that if I got capture, something bad would really happened.


I kept waking up, drinking water and going back to sleep, but the nightmare was the same. The shadow was after me, I ran past the inside of train 4 from New York, advertisement about colleges and doctors, seats that were orange.  After a few minutes, I was in an apartment and slammed the inside of the door, in time to see a tall, shadow creature and smelled something deadly.  I caught long, slender, shadow fingers as well and then felt it trying to open the door.


A soft voice told me “Whatever happens, do not open the door…do not open the door or it will all be over” The voice was really angelic and I felt a light, then the door began to unlock, it was 5 locks. I kept locking them but the shadow kept unlocking it and the angelic voice kept telling me “Whatever happens, do not let it open the door or it will all be over”


I was terrified and woke up with a gasp, in my room I felt a dark shadow and held on to my younger brother, trying to think positive things and began to pray to Budha, to God, Jesus, To all of the Hindu gods I remembered and everything in between. I begged to my dead relatives to protect me and kept shaking…it took 2 weeks before I could sleep.


I think that deadly shadow meant that something sinister was sent to my house and that something bad would happen, if I had opened that door I feel like I would have gotten possessed or something bad would have really happened.It is scary remembering that nightmare which was 1 month ago that happened.


I told my mother my nightmare, and those who know me know that when I remember a dream it’s important and means something. My mother called my brother’s father who ended up calling a family friend. The family friend is rather sensitive to things like spirit, he has been able to predict the future and whatever he says happens just the way he’s said it, I usually don’t believe in certain things like that but after it’s happened more then 10 times…well it just can’t be luck.


Our family friend came and did a special bath in our house, we had to take a special shower, grab eggs, do a special body cleaning with it then go far away from our house with the egg, find a street that made a cross and throw the egg behind our back, never looking back. We took special showers with a certain soap for a whole month and after that I stopped feeling the dark energy. So far, I am finally able to stay in my room without feeling like something is watching me and so far, no nightmares.



One of the daily prompt was Nightmares, I thought about it and well, I hope I did not scare anyone. I rarely get nightmares, this one was the scariest of them all though. What are your scariest nightmares?

¤In Eternity*



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