Save me/ Ayudame


image not mine

Somebody help me,

It’s like I am drowning,

Everyone is staring at me,



I am losing my mind,

Please grab my hand,

If I could run away,

To a place where everything was okay.


I am waiting for a miracle,

A savior,

Life’s too short to even care at all,

I am coming up now

Out of the blue.


It’s like they are looking for my heart,

Trying to rip it apart,

Darkness is surrounding me,

Please hold me.


Somebody help me,

They are pushing me,

“Let’s finish it”

Where has my mind,


Gone now?


A large fish,

In A small pond,

Those small fishes staring at me,

Telling me



Bruises everywhere,

Not in my body,

But in this heart,

This fragile part

that’s been torn apart.


Life’s too short to care at all,

Why bother waiting,

Let’s run away,

To the place that can restore me,

Restore this life

The way it ought to be.


Don’t let me drown,

I don’t want to disappear,

Hold my hand,

Before it’s too late.


I was listening to Cough Syrup the cover by Darren Criss from Glee and then I began to think of the episode, of bullying and feeling alone, this poem came to be, though I tried holding back a lot of things since I didn’t want it to sound too much like the video. Bullying is never right and neither is abuse, if you or someone you know is getting bullied or abused, please go and seek some help.


(-( In Eternity (-(

A-)- P


2 thoughts on “Save me/ Ayudame

  1. Josh says:

    Here’s the actual song by Young the Giant, if anyone’s interested:

    Also, EXCELLENT poem. This could make such an awesome song, you have no idea.

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