Memories to Remember


image not mine


Let’s try to remember,

The time spend together,

December was the beginning,

Summer was our ending.


I remember your heart beat,

Running past the cold snow,

The sweet laughter,

We were on top of the world.


I regret telling you to slow down,

I miss you so much,

It’s like I am in a coma,

The days just drag on,

When will it all end?


They say it’s depression,

I say it’s missing,

I can still remember your dress,

The one that was like a rainbow,

Showing who you are.


Let’s try to remember,

The memories we shared,

I thought we were moving too fast,

But now I understand,

It hurts so much,

Knowing that you went away.


Everyone tells me to move on,

To accept it,

If only they were all alone,

They would understand this pain.


“Please, slow down”

Those words should have never been utter,

Why couldn’t you tell me what was going on?

Now I am by myself.


Let’s try to remember,

This days back in December,

I was but a shell when we met,

You were the rainbow in my veins.


Sometimes I think I hear your laughter,

Then there’s just darkness,

I always thought I wasn’t good enough,

What was going inside your mind?


The call is still part of my memory

“She’s gone”

So much for those summer nights,

For those roses,

The beautiful sunset.


I can still remember your cold hand,

The last smile you gave me,


Why didn’t you tell me?


Now you are gone,

I am left wondering,

Is there anything I could have done?


Let’s try to remember,

Those days back in December,

Those warm memories,

Which now melted.


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