Unpretty yet pretty

Anorexia Nervosa

Image not mine. This is an image of how someone with Anorexia will see herself/ himself when looking at the mirror.

I feel Pretty,

Oh so pretty,

Just a little bit more dieting,

Just a few more pounds to lose.


Let’s fix that nose,

Make that hair longer,

I feel so unpretty,

Who am I kidding?



I won’t rest until I have it,

Just a few more pounds to lose,

A large nose to fix,

No food for today,

Not until I feel…



I feel oh so pretty,

Let’s ignore the hunger,

The ever lasting hunger,

Those fat cheek bones,

They won’t go away..

But it’s okay.


Just a bit of dieting,

Sleepless Night,

So unpretty,

You are the one to blame for it.


They say I am fine,

But what do they know?

I was told I was beautiful,

Yet when I look in the mirror,

It’s the one with the extra weight,

The large nose,

All those imperfection.


New Magazines,

All those perfect

Skinny models,

Size extra zero,

New diet articles.


I use to be so pretty,

Yet now I am so unpretty,


The voices whisper “Fat”

The doctors say “Insecure”


Well, How would you feel?

I must be skinny,

Extra tall,

Long, beautiful hair,

Small, skinny nose.


The medias screams it,

My society orders me,

Buy all the Mac make up,

paint a new face.


I feel so damn Unpretty,

What happened to that smart girl?

The one who was rather witty,

Who pitied those unlike her.


You told me you were happy,

Well I am too,

Just a bit more dieting

A nose to fix,

Be extra zero

…Yeah I feel pretty

“Yet so unpretty”


I was listening to a song and thinking about the Media and this poem came to be. Eating disorders are dangerous and both genders can have it, Anorexia is one of the most serious eating disorder and males suffer from it as well. Let’s all try to stop this dangerous disorder!

Jeremy Gillitzer

Image not mine. This is male model Jeremy Gillitzer, in the right is how he use to look like, in the left is how he looks like now. I think he died from Anorexia as well.


Ô In Eternity Ô

A ••P


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