In a world of Phobias


Phobias are powerful and scary things, I’ve been suffering for a few for many years, some are rather known other are not as well known. I have Achluophobia- which is fear of darkness, no matter the place, I have to sleep with a light on. I remember during my summer school, there was a black out and I had a panic attack because it turned dark for half a minute, I kept screaming and begging for the light to come back. Personally, I believe this fear came from being trapped in bathrooms so many times and it would go dark. Another thing I think is tied down to those incident is my Claustrophobia, it’s to the point where I will try everything I can to avoid an elevator.


One other common phobia that I have is Acrophobia which is fear of heights, it has gotten better during the years. I am able to go on certain rides and for the most part I know my limits, but before I could not even walk the stairs without being terrified. I decided to face my fears one step at a time and so far it has helped. I also have Aichmophobia– Fear of needles or pointed objects. It’s rather funny seeing me in the hospital when I need a shot, my mom has to hold my hand or distract me. Accompanied with that is  Hemaphobia, which is fear of blood. I get really dizzy and pale when I see any form of blood, it lasts around an hour, sometimes even more. 

I really hate clowns, they terrify me to no end, this is call Coulrophobia which is fear of clowns. How can people smile for so long? I cannot see clowns in a movie, a picture or face to face, I just start shaking.


One of the not very know phobia is Chiclephobia, which is fear of chewing gum. I cannot be near someone that is chewing gum or see it, I have to get my hand sanitizer and feel completely gross out. I can’t smell gum either or touch it, for me it’s just too gross and disgusting, so if you ever want to give me a gift….think twice before it’s gum or clowns.


When I told my friends about it, they were surprisingly respectful about it, they asked me some questions to try and understand why I am afraid of it but overall it was mostly “You are so weird…I never know what’s going to happen to you” which is something my friends and I joke with. 


I don’t know if there is a name for this or if it’s even a phobia, but I cannot have the same words together like if I said you then I cannot see the word you next to it, I go through everything, even making a sentence sound wrong so long as it does not happen and when it does I feel stress about it, it feels like horrible things will happen and like my breath is being ripped off, I also hate when other people do it.


So, there was a bit about me, I hope you all found it interesting. Do not let your fears rule over your life, face it…no matter how scary it is.


 The site used for most definitions was


2 thoughts on “In a world of Phobias

  1. Wow – you’ve got a collection of phobias there! 😯 I know the feeling well, I have had a few in my life and still do, but have managed to get over most of them now, but the one that still gets to me, is a terrible fear of wasps! My older brother thinks this came from me seeing him stung by a wasp when I was about three, I have no memory of that day, but I believe he is right, as I discovered some of my other phobias I eventually recovered from were to do with other fears I had got over.

    My terrible fear of spiders is now a slight dislike. And this fear diminished at the same time as I became more confident in saying what I thought to people, instead of holding back words I could have said. Most people today would never believe that I was a shy teenager, who wouldn’t say boo to no-one! I can be quite a mouthful now days!! 🙂 Why my brain made a connection to spiders and not feeling free to say what I wanted I don’t know – our brains are very complicated!

    Writing down random thoughts on paper can sometimes help establish what is going on in your mind, and may reveal the real fears not the ones that your mind has made a connection to. And hopefully over time as the years go by, you may leave these horrible things behind and be a free person – I really hope you do!
    Suzy 😀

    • yerennyca18 says:

      Haha, I was talking to a friend of mine, who is the school Psychologist about phobias today! So far I’ve been able to connect a few of my fears with events though there are still a lot I don’t know. Spiders and Snakes are pretty wicked to me. Thank you very much for sharing your phobias with me!

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