Quincent Winter, from bad to worst [Story]

bad hair day

Say hellooo, to my bad hair! {Image not mine}

Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” well, I should have known something like that would have happened to me.

The first thing was when I woke up, I didn’t even wake up properly, instead I woke up to a strange smell, rolled off my bed and hit my head with something…which I am still not sure what it was! After that, I found out that there was no toothpaste, icky mouth much

What did I use instead? Baking freaking soda, yuck, but at least it was something. There was this cute outfit I really wanted to wear…the pants rip and the shirt got dirty, what did I do to deserve such karma? Sure I told my brother he was annoying, didn’t let the old lady sit on the bus when I was going to the mall, and did not tip the waiter…I might have laughed at something that was mean, but I am a teenager, I have an excuse for it!

The only thing I could wear was a puke color, disgusting dress that was from 8th grade…I am in 11th grade now, so it was a bit short.  That dress was a gift from my great aunt who is consider legally blind and her fashion sense is that of a 1400, strict and boring lady. The dress has this ugly, big puffy sleeves and looks like a stupid lettuce…I hate lettuces. 

Lettuce dress

My lettuce dress!{Image not mine, this belong to it’s respected owner]

My shoes ended up being some blue boots that did not go well with that puke green and then when I tried to untangle my wild, curly, auburn red hair, it wouldn’t, so I was left with a puffy hair style, ewww.

Okay, so after all of that, you’d think that I would have a break, right? No…my toast got burned and it was getting late for me to catch the bus so I had to run out and barely made it in time, only to find out that I forgot my metro card, which is a special card you get in New York to get on buses, if you are a student from Kindergarten to 12th grade and live at least 20 minutes away from school, then you get on.

At the end, I had to pay to get in, once out of the bus, an hour later, my boot ended up getting gum stuck and to me gum is disgusting, ever since it got caught in my hair, 3rd grade because of Anne Rose Sinclair who turned out to be my best friend.

Looking like a total mess, I made it to homeroom “Quincent Winter, you are 5 minutes late, detention for 30 minutes!” My homeroom teacher yelled at me, Mrs. Nosepicker was just jealous because she has 20 years without a single date.

I grumbled something and went all the way to the back since the front seat was taken. At lunch, I got a rotten apple and some type of un-nameable food that I didn’t even try to eat, during P.E  I got hit with a baseball on my face, helloooo black eyes!

Next was AP Bio and we had to open up a dead frog, me and dead animals do not get along, so I ended up puking in front of everyone…and especially on Allah Da’mir boot, he’s this really cute, Arabian guy that has bright blue eyes with black, curly hair that frames his rather cute face and tan skin...I don’t think I am having a chance with him after this. 

At the end I just ended up running away and walked back home which took me 2 hours, of course, I forgot my key and had to wait an extra hour for my neighbor to come home, she was my mother’s childhood friend. Mom yelled at me for leaving school without calling her…until she remembered that she hadn’t paid my phone bill and thus it was her fault, I couldn’t eat anything since I kept thinking of the dead frog, by 7:00 pm, I was ready to fall asleep.

Today was the worst day ever! Please include the fact that my mother gave me a boy sounding name to that, thank you!

Bonjour, my little Avis! This little story came from the daily prompt which was about writing about a time everything just went wrong for you, I think I might actually continue this story later on. I hope it was fun to read and that you all enjoyed it!

-In Eternity&*&



2 thoughts on “Quincent Winter, from bad to worst [Story]

  1. Very good story! Sounds like some of my bad days!! 😀

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