Mrs K

thank yous

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Dear, Mrs K

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, thanks to you I am a much better person. When we first met, I was a bit wary since it was a new environment, but I was also very excited. You taught me so much about Psychology and fed my passion for me, showing me that it truly is what I want to do, you also showed me different sides of Psychology, sides that I now want to explore even more. 

I came with my New York attitude, thinking that it would be the same, but left with a different view. In New York, the more you participate, the better a student you are…but there, I learned that I  need to learn how to let other talks as well, and it’s such a wonderful thing, because I learned so much. 

Hearing stories about your cat was always fun and I sincerely love your teaching style since it includes Auditory, Visual and hands on experience. The final experiment was the most fun I’ve ever had. It’s so interesting to see how society reacts to something out of the norm and understand why it happens! I don’t think those middle school kids will ever forget that experience either.

You are such a big part of my life now, along with everyone else from NMH, your husband is really lucky to have such a wonderful wife. Thank you again for having a barbecue with us in your house and taking us to the pool, I still have the picture of all of us and I hope that in 5 to 10 years, we can all gather and if by that time any of us have children, to show them how our friendship came to be, and who brought us together. You brought us together, Mrs K, you treated us all like equal as did Miss Katherine. I made the best of my poems in your class, and the textbook is fun to read thanks to you!

I hope that we can stay in contact forever and that I can learn even more from someone as amazing as you. Time will never be enough, to show you how grateful I am for everything. You turned a rather awkward girl into someone who can finally recognize herself and can talk about such an amazing experience with love and passion.


-Yours in Eternity-



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