DP: No thanks…I don’t do funerals

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I could never go to a funeral, I feel like the dead people will wake up, stare at me and try to do something. Another reason is that I hate seeing all that sadness, why are you crying? At least they got to live.

When I was around 9 years old, one of my cousin died, he and I were really close. We use to play games, he would buy my siblings and I ice-cream and we would go to his house which was right next to our then talk about a lot of things. He was murdered by a few man, shot more then 3 times on the chest. I remember that I had to go to the funeral, it was my first one. 

Everyone was crying and sad, I was smiling and laughing, what did I know what funeral meant? My brother who is 6 month apart from me, took my hand, he looked sad. Together we ended up walking to the front, I kept telling him “I don’t want to see Juan Carlos! I don’t wanna see a dead person, even if it is him…I don’t wanna!” Of course my brother, being the calm person he is said “He just looks like he’s sleeping, I promise you. Let’s go now” then we made it to the front, he did look like he was sleeping, but I hated it.

Once my brother let go of my hand, I left and went to drink some coffee, my aunt, who was his mother, saw me, she was crying and just hugged me from no where. A rule about me, I hate being touch without a warning and I usually have to initiate the contact first.

My aunt kept talking about how he’s dead and why did it had to happen to him. I was just trying hard not to smile and kept thinking ‘Why is everyone so sad? He got to live, didn’t he?’ 

My cousin left a wife and children when he died, the family makes sure to take care of them. My uncle, who was one of the many twins from my father’s 16 or so siblings, died of a heart attack, I was in New York when it happened.

Everyone is always sad when people die, I understand the feeling, but shouldn’t a funeral be a celebration of their life? I hate funerals with a passion, they remind me of having to look at my dead cousin and hearing everyone cry while I just smiled, feeling so confused.

I told my mother and everyone who knows me, when I die, because we all have to die, I want everything that can be use from me to be donated, my heart, my eyes, my hair, my skin, my lungs, everything! Whatever is left, burn it and set it free, I do not want a funeral at all.

Today’s daily prompt saidIs there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?” This is my answer to it. I can’t even see a dead animal, what would make my family think that I can go to a funeral?


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2 thoughts on “DP: No thanks…I don’t do funerals

  1. It’s not surprising you don’t like funerals, if your cousin was murdered at 9 years of age. That’s very traumatic thing to face at a very young age!

    I hate funerals too, I think most people do actually! There may be a few who enjoy them – strange people! In recent years both my parents have died, and it has been a difficult thing to face, losing people who have been there all your life is probably the worst thing that can happen to you. But one thing I found really helped, was to take part in the ceremony. I read a poem at my mother funeral, and 6 years later when my dad died, my brother and I decided to take the entire ceremony! 🙂 We do not follow a specific religion so we weren’t obliged to let a paster/vicar take the ceremony. We both found this distracted our minds so we had no time to sit there and cry, because we had a job to do! It helped family and friends too because it felt more personal, and there was a lot less crying going on than most funerals I’ve been to. I even did the flowers for my dads coffin, hard work, but it felt so much better than just paying for it all to be done for me.

    I know not everyone would be capable of doing this for many reasons, but if it can be done it is very worthwhile, and takes away the morbid aspect. I really do feel that my brother and I really sent our parents off very personally, and I think they would have been very pleased with what we did. So funerals don’t have to heavy and tragic, it’s like a lot of things in life, it’s how you deal with it that makes it a good or bad experience! 😀

  2. Same here. Never been to one, never think I will.

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