Me without Z works just fine

Sacred Letter

Image not mine, found this one really cool.

Today’s challenge is to not use a word from the alphabet, it’s suppose to show that we need every single letter to write. I decided not to be so brave and chose the 26th letter of the alphabet, which I rarely seen being used.  


Today I had to work from twelve pm to eleven pm which is an almost twelve hour shift, we are opening a new restaurant with my brother’s father and I am suppose to be working as the cashier, but first I must be train.  I cleaned the kitchen on Saturday with my mother, it took us nine hours to do it, then today I was cleaning the chairs and the plates which took up almost twelve hours.

I love working, it feel great when I finish doing something and someone tells me “Great job!” It makes me feel good about myself and it also disciplines me. I have work since I was nine years old. First I worked as a delivery girl when I was in a restaurant, which also belong to my brother’s father. I use to have to wake up at ten am and leave at four or five pm. An adult was always with me if the place was far away, if it was close by, all I did was take my cellphone and do the delivery, usually I made around twenty dollar on tips only. After that I worked as a baby sister for my mother and aunt, once that was done, I worked as a school librarian. I am still doing that but I am also working at the new restaurant now.

My younger brother is also working at his father restaurant, ever since he started doing that, he’s been having less trouble at school and with other, he also behaves so much better now. 

I want to work as a Psychologist and a Journalist but I also love language, right now I am thinking of doing Speech Therapy as a career, everyone that meets me say that I should do speech therapy and Journalism. It feels great to earn your own money and discipline yourself.

!!-In Eternity-!!



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