DP: All Grown Up…sweet 15


Image not mine

Sweet 15 is a tradition in many latin culture, it is to celebrate girls turning into young woman. The first time I truly felt grown up was when I had my Quinceanera/ Sweet 15, I had a beautiful dress that looked like it belong to a princess, a large place that looked like paradise and many people there to see me and celebrate my coming of age.

For the celebration I left my hair curly and put on a long, pink/purple dress with silver flats that were hidden by the dress. I helped serve everyone, had to stop and take lots of pictures and smile. There was a lot of music and hugging, I also got a lot of present from people I care about.

Before the party, I had to help my mom set it up and then had to go to the salon and trust my sister to do the make up for me. It ended up great and at the end we did the traditional shoe changing thing, from flaps to high heels that signifies the change from a girl to a young lady. 

After that, we had the traditional dance, I danced with my brother who’s my age to Mariposa and then I did the dance with my father while my brother danced with my mother. The DJ talked about my interest and then I danced for a few more hours with the guest and left around 5:00 am. I got to see the gifts, which included a Sweet 15 album and had a lot of professional pictures taken, to the point that I was tired of them.

It helped me feel more like a grown up and closer to a lot of people, my sweet 15 is something I’ll never forget.

Today’s daily prompt was about a time when you felt grown up and this was mine, it’s a really important tradition in my culture and one that not all get to have.



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