DP: Seven Days, Seven chances

Image not mine, found this really cute.

I woke up like any day, only to find out that for the next seven days all of my plans  had been cancelled, that alone was a surprise but the most shocking part was 10,000 dollars I found in the drawer that apparently belong to me.

This was how the next seven days ended up looking like:


Day 1: I took 1,000 dollar and put it in my account, for my education, then I began to do a bit of research on the internet. I made sure not to let anyone know I had that money, some people can be greedy.

Day 2: I gave a donation to the program Summer Search which had helped me so much, it was 1,000 dollar which left me with 8 thousand dollar.  Doing the calculation, I spend 500 dollars on a few other charity and then 500 more on other programs

Day 3: I bought my mother some clothes which all came out to 200 dollars and then bought her a ticket to spend 3 weeks with my family in the Dominican Republic. I told her not to ask questions.

Day 4: I woke up early and bought my brother a 50 dollar video game and after thinking about it, bought him the PS3 since he does behave well and rarely ask for expensive stuff.

Day 5: This time I thought of my best friend and bought her a cellphone so that she has one and like that her family doesn’t have to worry about her…okay, so I don’t worry about her.

Day 6: I invested 3 thousand dollar on a few business that have shown to always be successful, it’s good to invest so that more money can be made.

Day 7: What I had left, which was around 4 thousand, I used to build programs for the poor and for education, especially using art and musics as well as writing.



My computer kept crashing a lot yesterday, which was why I was not able to post, here is my reply to yesterday’s daily prompt.  I believe that instead of using money just for oneself, it should be shared and do a lot of good, help others that need it as well.


(8) In Eternity (8)





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