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I know this is very cliche, but the most important person in my life is my mother, when she leaves to one of those trips to the Dominican Republic, I feel lost and worried. Although we argue a lot and sometimes she really get’s on my nerve, at the end of the day, she’s the one I trust with my secrets and share many beautiful things.

My mother and I are polar opposite yet we are so alike, she’s more girly then me, while I love the rough things like playing football, soccer, karate. She worries a lot about how she looks like and how everyone else looks like, while I couldn’t really care less about if I am wearing a potato bag as long as it’s comfortable and if everyone else is wearing it as well. 

Unlike me, she’s always worrying about things being clean and loves gossips, I on the other hand, don’t mind a few clothes on the floor as long as it doesn’t stay there for like 2 weeks and if someone comes to me for gossips, they usually get bored because I don’t really contribute.

Although we seem so different, we still have our moments, especially when it comes to shopping. My mother cheers up and starts talking about the latest fashion (Which I find so boring) what looks cute with what and we also talk about other things. She knows the majority of my friends and always asks me about them, especially my best friend Isabel. When I go out with my friend Josh and his dad, she usually asks about them, about what we’ll do and always tells me to have fun, she also usually gives me money.

I cannot imagine my mother leaving, it’s like a strong part of my memories and support disappearing and thus, leaving me in a numb state. Although she argues a lot about every little annoying bit, that what makes her my mother. I love the fact that she trust me and pushes me to do my best, when I do things like win an award or even finish a project, she tells me that she’s very proud of me. I notice that she talks a lot about me, I was with her at work and she kept saying “That’s my daughter, she always behaves good and is quiet, I am so proud of her” which makes me blush a lot.

When she found out I wasn’t following the path of Christianity and was exploring different religion she didn’t get angry nor did she yell at me and told me “You have to follow this!” Instead she told me “So, what do you believe in?” and listened as I talked about the different religions I was exploring.

Something we always argue about is her touching my things, especially my books. She has thrown away over 40 of my books and every time I last at least a week acting cold toward her. My mother is an extrovert, she loves people and socializing while I prefer sitting down in a quiet place and reading a good book for hours upon hours.

My mother is my pillar of support, my VIP and I am so glad and grateful to have her as my mother, even if we fight, if we tell each other hurtful things, because at the end, I know we both love each other.

Today’s daily prompt was about VIP which meant the most important person in your life and to me it will always be my mother, she brought me into this world and she has always sacrificed herself for my brother and me.

_)__)_In Eternity_)_)_

A\|/ P


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