DP:Erasing the hurt-A letter to X

Image not mine


Dear,  X


I am sorry for what happened, the tears I made you spill. It was unfair of me, cruel to you, and I wish that we could forget it. That pain that it brought you and how it all turned out, I know it was horrible, that I am the lowest of the low.

Everyday I remember it, how I lied so easily, caught up on my own thoughts and forgetting about you.  My words spilled like some easy story that could go on, so innocently, so perfectly done and the trust we had began to dissolve.

You may forgive me, but it will be a long time before I can forgive myself for hurting you the way I did, for causing you so much pain and not trusting you the way you trusted me. If I could erase it though…I know that I wouldn’t, for the simple fact that it made our bonds stronger, it made me who I am today and made you who you are.

Thank you so much for your friendship and supporting me, for giving me another chance and helping me find myself.


-Yours in Eternity-




Today’s daily prompt was about erasing a memory if we could, which made me think of something horrible I did when I was really young, it still in my conscious and make me feel guilty, so I decided to write a letter to the person and kept it short.


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