Death be not proud

White Death

Image not mine


“Death be not proud, though some have called thee

Mighty and dreadfull, for, thou, aret not soe”

-Death Be Not Proud, by John Donne-

I have been reading Death Be Not Proud by John Donne, it is a rather interesting poem to read, although a bit tricky to understand.  This poem is about how he doesn’t fear death since he has god.

Something I like about it is the way it sounds, especially on the subject of it. I like how he seems to stand up to death and the strong faith he has on his god. What I dislike a little is the arrogance he seems to have, would any normal person just go and tell death “Oh, I am not scare of you, all you are is a big bully, you know what? Yeah, you’ll come to take me, but it’s like having a long dream and then I’ll wake up in heaven, but you? Well you’ll be stuck picking up after people, you will be dead to me”

If you are up for a good and short poem, I recommend this one and For Whom The Bells Tolls by John Donne as well.


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