DP: Deja Vu, Knew it all along

Deja Vu art

Image not mine

Don’t you just hate when you feel like something already happened, better known as Deja Vu? It’s a french word apparently, which means “I’ve seen this/I know this” I learned about it in my Psychology class.

Anyhow, I seem to get those a lot, I remember once I was hanging with a few of my friends and stopped, looking around then frowned. It was as if I had lived this day already or dreamed about it. I looked at one of my friend and said exactly what she was saying at the same time, then I said “This is such a Deja Vu! I swear I know what’s going to happen next, it’s so creepy” Needless to say, that the experience was interesting.

In Psychology, my teacher told us that there’s no real Deja Vu, but that our brain let’s out a chemical that makes us feel like we knew all along what was going to happen. It’s a rather interesting theory to think about, these days when I feel Deja Vu, I usually say “I knew it all along theory!” Something that has been stuck since my days at the boarding school.


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