DP: Idyllic, the land of fairies

Picture I took in downtown, used the negative effect and thought it looked like a fairy house.

Picture I took in downtown, used the negative effect and thought it looked like a fairy house.

My perfect community has beautiful houses, everyone get’s along and there’s not any serious crime rate. The biggest deal would be a local robbery where no one get’s hurt. We would live like little fairies, in colorful houses, there would be no rich or poor, since everyone got health care, food and a house as well  as clothes. If they wanted to decorate their house, they could. All kids would go to a school, test would not matter.

Everyone would learn at least 3 languages and learn strong manners since childhood. No drugs would be allowed, nor alcohol. I guess it sounds very communist, but I would not interfere with business, the community would vote for their leaders.

Everyone would recycle and respect mother earth, we would not go to war, always trying to remain neutral. That’s not to say we wouldn’t fight for what we think it’s right, we would use words and logic for that, not violence.  Our community would be call Lyfia and our god would be Lyf, the god/goddess of life. Religion would not be a big deal, everyone could follow whatever they wanted, that would be their rights. When one community member is in trouble, we would all go to help, for we are unity.

My community would be like the land of fairies, always peaceful and respectful, we would be the prime example for the world.


This was the dailyprompt for yesterday, in which we needed to describe how our perfect community/ place would look like, I looked at the picture I had taken and thought about fairies right away. I am back now, finally on a small break from school which means more time to relax and breath. 


)(_In Eternity)(_




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