Burnell Taylor-Last time (cover) American Idol

This song brought me to tear, it made me remember a lot of the regrets I have over a relationship I had, I would even call it my first love.

The original song is by John Legend, when I heard Burnell sing it, I started crying and thought about that past love I let go, I know that given the chance, I would try my hardest this time and not let that person go. I was young and foolish, due to that, I lost a great person that is so hard to find.

This song get’s me really sentimental, it brings back memories I try not to remember because it brings a bitter-sweetness to it, the type that makes me want to say “Remember that time…” but at the same time makes me say “Damn, I was so foolish, I let go of such an amazing person just because I wasn’t sure about who I was, about my feelings, but now it’s too late”

If there’s someone that you care about…don’t let them go, hold them tightly and remind them every single day that they are amazing and that you love them, you won’t always get a second chance.

Image not mine.


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