^-^Eskimo kisses, from me to you^-^

Eskimo Kiss

Image not mine, this is an Eskimo Kiss.

Kisses are a universal thing, different kisses means different things and the most common one would be French Kissing and Cheek Kissing. In each cultures they each hold a meaning behind it, even in dating!

I would say that my favorite kiss, though, would be Eskimo kiss.  I did a bit of research, trying to find out where it comes from and such, all I was able to find in Wikipedia was that it’s a sign of affection from another family member. It’s loosely based on the traditional greeting of the Inuit which is call a kunik.


Image not mine, this is a Kunik shared between a Granddaughter and her Grandmother in Alaska.

A kunik is a bit more different in the fact that you press your nose and upper lip to the cheek or forehead of a love one, it was not because their lips would freeze over. I found this really cute and sweet.

Something else I learned is that if you are dating someone and they give you an Eskimo kiss it means that they want to take it slow, which is not something that is done a lot in this time and year.  

Some similar greetings are Hongi which is where a Maori warrior presses it’s forehead and nose to a visitor’s. In the greeting the Ha(breath of life) is exchanged between the visitor and the Maori, making the manuhiri(visitor) a Tangata whenua( People of the land) and thus the Tangata Whenua must now share the duty of the people.  The Maori are common in New Zealand and Hawaii.This is also common in certain Southeast Asian cultures like Thai, Bengalis,  Cambodians, Laotians, and Ibans.  The act of nose rubbing, instead of touching, is also employed by the traditional Yemini Tribesmen.


A Maori tribesman sharing a Kunik with a manuhiri

I have always found Eskimo Kissing much more comforting then a kiss on the cheek or any other type of kiss, it’s certainly much better then having someone else tongue down your throat, or exchanging saliva between one another.

I might do a few more different kisses like the origin of the French Kiss and Butterfly kiss, but for now, I leave you with a sweet and cute Eskimo kiss, my little Avis~

Here’s a really cute Eskimo Kiss song call Eskimo Kiss by The Kooks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfS4d81uq_8




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