DP: Escape!Let’s go

Image not mine

When I was younger and got angry at my mother I made this awesome escape plan that included clothes, my cousin Gibell and a bit of money. Now Gibell and I would escape at night while everyone was sleeping, we needed to get a suitcase that had warm and cold type of clothes plus at least 200 dollars, my poetry and her cooking skills.

I thought that we could use the subway, use our innocent look to get adopted into an awesome family that would let us do whatever we want, we would also get famous with my poetry and her amazing cooking skills, it didn’t hurt that we both knew how to act.

Our money was to be use in emergency and I remember that I also wanted to go to France so we would sneak into an airplane and go to France where we had our own little business and like in anime everything would just go perfect, we could meet cute boys and become fashion designers as well!

I was rather silly as a little child and rather boy crazy, as I’ve grown older, I’ve started caring less and less about romance, boys and happily ever after, instead I focus more on school and reaching my dream of being a wonderful Psychologist that will be remember in history.



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