DP: The Transporter, when I had Dragonball Z

image not mine

Every time I see anything related to Dragonball Z it makes me think of when I was younger, my father would wake me up during the time I lived in the Dominican Republic. I remember him taking my hand and leading me to the car he had, his grey uniform with the grey hat since he is an officer and the cloudy as well as misty look that D.R morning were.

I remember driving for around half an hour toward my grandmother house, it would be 5:00am and I would still be sleepy, my father would have the news on while he drove and he would talk to me while I replied with nods or shakes of my head since I was far too tired. Once we made it to my grandmother house from my mom side of the family. he would take me out of the car, give me to my grandmother and tell me that he love me.


Then he would give my grandmother money to buy me some stuff and leave, after that my grandmother would talk to me and take me to her bedroom, then I would fall asleep.

I would wake up in time to go to school which was literally right next door to my grandmother’s house and I remember that I always got either pure apple juice or pure orange juice while my grandmother got me cookies and a sandwich.

Once I came home from school I always watch Dragonball Z in spanish, my baby cousin would be sitting next to me and we would laugh. I remember my grandmother always coming to check on us, the juices she would make and her soft smile.

Dragonball Z means those days for me, it was my time of innocence before I understood what life really was, the darker side of it the part where there is betrayal. All I had was love during those times and I didn’t understand the dislike my parents had toward each other or the anger and resentment that comes from thinking that your father could have done better, that he could have love you more, favor you.

I am glad that like many kids I had Dragonball Z in my childhood and it’s something I’ll be able to pass on to my children someday.



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