Talking Red

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I can’t really remember how it all started, well, maybe that’s a lie, I do remember how it started. It all started with the color red, it was the color of the liquid that I first saw when I opened my eyes, it was also the color I saw when I looked at one of the nurse.


It’s such a funny word now, did you know that red is also the color for the strings of destiny? Yeah…I didn’t either, but I heard about it, from someone…from somewhere.

It’s hard to think these days, everything seems to tangle up and my words escape me. There is silence now, I am but a hollow doll, at least that’s what I think…if I am thinking anything. Perhaps this seems a bit odd, and I must apologize for it, I am not being a good narrator am I? Alas, this is my story and it’s the best way that I can tell this story.

Going back to red…it’s the only thing I remember, would my soul be red too? I had to wonder about it. There was white, it has been concluded that all hospitals are white. I wonder why they are that color though, why not purple or blue...or yellow, anything but white, I really hate that color. 

It was also the color of the nurse uniforms, the one that had red, and it was the colors of my once sneakers, now cast aside, forgotten in a red world and I wish I could apologize to it, explain that I never meant to leave it behind, but alas, all that comes out is red…silence. It’s confusing, is it not? I apologize again but…how can I write what I cannot think? My teacher once told me that writing could never be impersonal and now I think I understand. What are words if not spoken with meanings?

Know what else is red? My wrists, with the little bumps they had, which made me realize I must be allergic to something in this room, the ugly, red bumps appears only when my allergies want to attack me, sneaky things they are. 

I remember clear blue eyes, they were pretty, and you know what? They had red in it, those lifeless, clear blue eyes with just a hint of red in it. Something tells me those eyes were special to me, once upon a time, that they might have been my world…is that why I feel so lost?

They were framed by clear, almost white lashes that seemed invisible…like a ghost of sort, were those eyes ghost? What color were my eyes? I tried remembering but nothing came to mind and suddenly, it was important to know what color my eyes were, what color my eyes lashes were, as if it would fix everything, as if it would make me remember those clear blue eyes with splashes of red, remind me who those eyes belong to, because I needed to know now.

My mind came back to the hospital, the nurse with red was gone, I was stuck staring at a white wall and then noticed a T.V was there. I sighed and grabbed the remote control, turning it on to a channel with people that had strange addictions. Were they living happy lives?

Somewhere along the lines of the show, my mind drifted once more, this time I could hear loud sounds, voices speaking harshly, they wanted to swallow me, drown me in a never ending ocean…or lake. This brought a memory of a shoe drowning…it belonged to a little leg, for some reason I felt panicked, couldn’t breath again and kept seeing the little pink shoes, the shoe was begging to be saved…I wish it had been red.

The voices were loud and angry, they swallowed whole every space, words mixing together, creating one big monster…but I was hollow, yes, I was just a hollow doll, lifeless eyes staring ahead, hearing the monster and it’s ugly roar.

“-Fault that this is happening, Patrick! How dare you blame me?! How dare you say it’s my fault?! You were the on-” then it mixes in with something else, something darker that I can’t escape.

-me with me? Do you want to come with me and see Dea and Umbra…and Luce? Yes you do, we can go back to their land, what’s there to see in this world?” The voice was darker and I could see a shadow hand, but the face was unclear…still…it was welcoming, this shadow hand was my friend, it was.

My thoughts were interrupted when a nurse came in, this one had yellow and pink nails, those pink nails took my wrist and I saw sneakers…they were white…I don’t like the color white.


Bonjour, my little Avis! I decided on making a story, this one I am actually thinking of finishing and then publish it. Please give me any feedback that you have, yours thoughts on it and such, it will be very helpful! I know already what it will be about and some of the characters, for now I am calling it “Talking Red” but the title might change later as I learn more about the characters that are really just writing themselves, especially the main character.



2 thoughts on “Talking Red

  1. Josh says:

    What a poetic storyline! I love all the color analogies, and the references to red really capture the inner conflicts of the protagonist. A very interesting piece of work!

    • yerennyca18 says:

      Thank you, I was thinking of a few stories as I began to write this story. Hopefully I will not get writer’s block and I’ll be able to finish it. If anything, Skype me and I’ll send you the rest of what I have written.

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