Run away

Image not mine

Let’s run away,

you and I,

Where no one can get us,

Influence us.

Let’s get away,

Where there’s no whispers,

No pain,

Just our whispers,

Our laughter.

We can go back to the first time we met,

The first time you made my heart skip a beat,

Smile softly,

It was the first time I felt alive,

So let’s curl up in that memory.

We can run past the shining stars,

To the time where we first said


The first time we opened each other’s heart,

Started our friendship.

This time we can find the exit to this Labyrinth

The one they call ‘Moving On’

Let’s hold each others hands,

And this time promise to never let go.


This time we can find a light in the darkness,

I will try harder to not become simply a shadow,

We can try harder, right?

We can make our bond last.


Let’s run away,

To a place full of memories,

I know someday we’ll have to wake up,

Understand what’s going on,

But at least for tonight,

Let’s just away from this life.


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