Little Pink Tree

This is a Sakura Tree, the tree I was talking about looks a lot like that. Image not mine.

I saw this beautiful tree that was a bright pink color and reminded me of Sakura petal/ Cherry Blossom tree. When I saw it, I thought right away of my friend Caterina since she really loves the color pink and it look like something that she would take a picture of. I tried taking pictures but sadly it came out too bright and you couldn’t see the tree. 

I remember that she had seem rather blue so I’ve been trying to grab the picture to show her and cheer her up. I am not a very big fan of pink but ever since I became friends with her I am always on the look out for something cute and pink so that I can quickly take a picture and show her.

Alas, I am still hoping to take a really pretty picture of the tree so that I can show her, for it is a really lovely tree but it smells awful, I am unsure of the name of it sadly. It grows a lot in New York  but people dislike it because it smells so bad, kind of a fishy smell even though it looks so much like a Sakura Tree.


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