Let it burn

image not mine

Let it burn. 

These memories,

of you and me,

Of what we use to be.

When words aren’t coming out right,

When everything I tell you makes you mad,

And its not a bond we have anymore,

But a separation.

We scream at each other,

quickly start realizing that its the end,

That what we feared is happening,

and we can no longer be friends.

Let it burn,

like a bursting star,

these emotions,

that can no longer be bottled inside.

Small things escalate quickly into bigger one,

We no longer know who we are,

and the past we shared seem to be useless,

the future looking dark.

We are growing up,

our path shifting into different one,

and although I don’t want to let go,

I know the time has come.

Let it burn,

the people we use to be,

Know that our friendship,

was rather bittersweet.


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