Let me go

image not mine.

“Let me go”

She said to me,

while I held her close

and tried to sing her to sleep.

Her body was getting colder,

Those cheeks no longer pinks,

Lips turning bluer,

I didn’t want her to leave me.

“Let me go”

She whispered softly,

My cheeks growing wet,

This was what she did to me.

Things were growing harder,

I could feel her slipping away,

Why did this happen?

I was growing more afraid.

The blame was all on me,

Head filled with “What if’s”

Could I have prevented it?

That’s what I was trying to believe.

“Let me go”

This sounded more desperately,

My grip on her tightened,

This couldn’t be happening.

The darkness was taking over,

It was a cold night,

Never will I forget it,

Or how she didn’t seem to put up a fight.

It was pure torture,

Knowing what was about to happen,

her eyes filled with pain,

Those fingers long and fragile.

It was as if she was a painting,

Covered in red,

No longer was she just pale,

Now she was grey.

“Let me go”

It was her last plead,

Our souls as cold as ice,

I couldn’t set her free.

Perhaps this sounds selfish,

But she was my everything,

Her voice was my favorite melody,

The reason for me to exist.

Her hair was like fire,

Such a bright shade of red,

She was like a goddess,

In her death bed.

“Let me go” 

She mouthed to me,

I kissed her softly,

Then whispered something sadly.

“I’ll let you go,

I’ll set you free,

But remember this my love,

You will always be my everything”

And so she left,

Taking with her my dreams,

I’ll never forger her,

Or all of our shared memories.


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