Image not mine

“Set me free”

He said to me,

As the fire blew,

Leaving memories.

The once upon a time

No longer exist,

There is no us,

Just him and I.

Night has become longer,
What use to keep me strong

Is now gone,

Isolation is left behind.

The passion burned out,

Now there is simply arguments,


And pregnant silents.

Formula of conversations

Are no longer simple,

Now it’s “XS+ GD- HD= Confusion.”

Words became rare.

He tells me I am forgiven

But what it sounds like is

“Let’s keep our distant.”

And so we separate.

Eyes are shifted away,

Trying to fill it with

Small talks and


Goodbye meaningful conversations

Leaving us like an old friend,

It’s like meeting all over again

Without knowing what to say.


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