Don’t forget me

image not mine

Don’t forget me when I am old,

When I am gone from this world,

And only my ashes are left.

Remember all the good things,

Please don’t dwell on the bitter

And sad memories of me.

May my scent be imprinted in your mind,

My strange laugh,

And even stranger sense of humor.

Please don’t cry in my funeral,

Don’t say that I should have lived longer,

That it wasn’t my time.

Don’t Forget me,

When my sight leaves me,

And my voice runs away.

Even if I change,

If my accent get’s thicker,

Don’t try to erase who I was and am.

Keep a few good pictures of me,

But not the awkward kind,

Or the type that would make you cry.

Don’t forget me,

But don’t hold on,

Just remember the good things

between us.


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